Right now, the fight for the DFL endorsement in CD08 is a two-person contest with two other variables. It is a face-off between former FBI Agent Leah Phifer (DFL) and former Rep Joe Radinovich (DFL-Crosby). The other two factors are Rep Jason Metsa (DFL-6B, Virginia) and Our Revolution.

As we have been trying to glean the various levels of support we’re learning ironically, Phifer is butting up against a glass ceiling. This is due to the feeling she nudged Congressman Rick Nolan (D-MN08) out of the race.

The numbers in this endorsement contest are 174 delegates with twenty being Party Leaders, Elected Officials (PLEO’s).

Our contacts are acknowledging the Phifer problem, but also identifying a movement to Unite the DFL. The problem is Our Revolution is anti-Radinovich/Metsa and appears to be pro-Phifer except this week the DFL Latino caucus took an Anyone but Phifer stance due to her work in illegal immigrant deportations.

The spin-doctoring is in full-force even though Metsa is bound for a Primary fight, relinquishing his House seat to show the depth of his commitment, he would rather not face a DFL endorsed candidate. Many think Phifer holds the edge due to named sub-caucuses, new participants, and Our Revolution, which may be enough to block, but not gain the endorsement. If Metsa supporters led a hand then a blocked endorsement is likely, but if the Unite the DFL message resonates outcomes could be different.

Phifer is an outsider in an insider’s game. Radinovich is operative with knowledge and experience, but the question is, are there enough of the old committed DFLer’s to deliver an endorsement.

Numbers we are hearing show Phifer and Radinovich in a virtual dead heat and depending on who one talks to, Radinovich with a slight lead in the mid-30’s. Phifer with a solid 30%, Metsa in the low teens and Our Revolution is in a similar position. North Branch Mayor Kristen Hagen Kennedy (DFL) and former News Anchor Michelle Lee (DFL) are virtually nonexistent in the delegate support.

We will be on-hand for the convention activities and be providing live updates.