The DFL endorsement battle in CD02 will not be much of a show. 2016 endorsed candidate Angie Craig (DFL) holds a 3-1 lead in the named sub-caucuses over her opponent Jeff Erdmann (DFL), she held a 5-1 advantage in the money game in the last quarter of 2017 and we expect a greater one once the first quarter of 2018 reports are available.

As we have heard the whining, voiced by Erdmann, about the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) placing its thumb on the scale in these endorsement fights, though we agree DCCC should stay out of our local squabbles and only help finance the efforts and not dictate the campaign strategy, it is a reality. Craig’s 2018 campaign is a continuation of her 2016 campaign, which didn’t seem to end. She is supported by party establishment because she has made this a continuation effort.

Craig is well-positioned to challenge and defeat Congressman Jason Lewis (R-02). She only lost by 1.79% in a Trump year, in a three-way race, to a candidate, Lewis who is likely the most Trumplike of all of the 237 US House Republican members.

Experience, money and an anti-Trump message appear to be the winning formula.

We will report ballot results as we learn them.