Minnesota Report

Former State Senator Tony Lourey (DFL-11, Kerrick), now Commissioner of Human Services is a solid choice for the position by capability and experience, but the selection came with a clear political cost. This is not a reactionary position, it was clear from the onset. Because the district Lourey held a Special Election would prove to be a challenge and politically it should not have been placed at risk.

In their article, Why Democratic governors shouldn’t tap Democratic legislators in at-risk seats for government jobs, Daily Kos follows our line of reasoning. If Walz had selected a state senator from the Twin Cities or the Iron Range he would have made a wise political choice, but to pick a person from a marginal political district which was in DFL hands in the Senate was largely due to the quality of the individual in the seat, not its political index.

What this shows is the first political challenge Walz has faced comes up with a big fat zero, epic fail and a bigger challenge for political negotiations with the Republican-controlled Senate. Although, a skeptical view might be this affords Walz the opportunity to be perceived as a more enlightened being, open to more liberal causes and positions, but because of the opposition from the Senate, he needs to compromise in a more moderate fashion. He can still remain appealing to the left extreme while being completely pragmatic when achieving a specific outcome.

We will need to wait for further information before rendering judgment on this idea.