Minnesota Report

Our publication Checks & Balances has played an interesting role in the politics of St Cloud. In 2006, we wrote the first item about how Sue Ek (R), Republican candidate for an open House seat was not a resident of the district, but rather St Paul. Now, we know it may be hard to keep from confusing the various Saints, but the mileage between the two cities might have been a clue.

If you would like to read the precedent-setting case, one where the courts removed a candidate from the Primary ballot. https://caselaw.findlaw.com/mn-supreme-court/1064997.html

Secondly, and far more significantly would be our story about Laura Knoblach and her abuse at the hands of her father Rep Jim Knoblach (R-14A, St Cloud). Even though he suspended his campaign Knoblach still received 41.67%.  We will remind people who misguidedly believe MPR caused Knoblach’s decision, our story ran January of 2017 and is the only place to give the story any attention.

The ability of Dan Wolgamott recaptured the seat in light of this issue provides a blue dot in a sea of red.