With the World Series just getting underway we thought the metaphor apt because if media outlets truly did call campaign ads correctly, then, ones that fell below a certain level would be called out, or a clarifier would be displayed on each ad run on that particular network.

Political ads are quite pervasive. We see them on Facebook, and we even saw someone we recognized on a Hulu. We saw Mollie Fragnito, in Alliance for a Better Minnesota ad, talked about being a nurse and shared having a preexisting condition and topped it off by saying she would be voting for a Democrat in November.

So far three claims made this election we have seen truly are merely throwing red meat to the viewers and are not correct ads against both US Senator Tina Smith (DFL-MN) and 8th Congressional District Candidate Joe Radinovich (DFL-MN) calling them “career politicians,” is a lie pure and simple.

If being a staff person makes someone a politician, but what is the definition of a career? Prior to being elected as Lt Governor in her own right Smith, played a supporting role as Chief of Staff to Governor Mark Dayton (DFL-MN) and Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak (DFL-Minneapolis). Granted these were partisan jobs, but it doesn’t seem to embody the spirit of the term politician, because that is largely left to the officeholder.

Similarly, Radinovich served a single two-year term in State House, which is far from what could be deemed as a career.

She Just Doesn’t Sound Minnessotan

Additionally, we find an ad running against Gubernatorial candidate Congressman Tim Walz (DFL-MN01) and Attorney General Candidate Congressman Keith Ellison (DFL-MN05) financed by the Freedom Club State PAC, to be laughable. In their campaign finance and public disclosure report they spent $234,188.95 and if it was on the following ad they wasted their money.

The ad shows a redhaired woman listing off the reason she doesn’t support either candidate and makes a specious claim, that she had supported Democrats in the past, but that “I can’t trust them.” Is unadulterated crap.

One main reason this ad will not work is that the woman talking doesn’t sound like someone from Minnesota just listen to how she phrases her words, it’s clear she is from somewhere else and not here. Sounds more like someone from south of the Mason Dixon line trying to northernize her speech pattern.