Minnesota Report

We were in conversation with appointed St Paul Ward 6 City Council Member Kassim Busuri yesterday morning when we learned he would be filing to seek the seat rather than adhering to the pledge he original made, not to run when he was originally appointed February 1st. His reasons for seeking the seat reflect his experience in the office, it demands, the areas he would like to improve in his Ward and the caliber of the candidates seeking the position.

His entrance, as a Somali candidate will expand the diversity of the field which includes three Hmong candidates Tony Her, Terri Thao and Nelsie Yang, Alexander Bourne an African American, all of whom sought the DFL endorsement, and Danielle Swift, who has the endorsement of the Green Party.

With the lack of a Caucasian in the field, especially after the seat was held by Dan Bostrom for 20 years, it will be interesting to see where the past Bostrom supporters line up. Busuri is claiming to have secured support from this constituency.

With his decision, we will wait to see if the City Council can take action and rescind the appointment.