Minnesota Report

US Senator Amy Klobuchar’s (DFL-MN) Presidential Campaign Announcement was exactly as we expected. It was cold, snowy and didn’t have much in the way of visuals other than a blanket of white. In fact, people couldn’t even see the cityscape of Minneapolis.

The positioning of the podium and stage were beneficial to the assembled media, but because of the layout, most people couldn’t see either because they were on the backside of the hill and the stage was set below on the other side.

Most of the speakers saw fit to make jokes and in effect apologize for the weather when it was clear the same event could have been held at the Mall of America or any inside venue. The metaphorical reference to the Mississippi River could have remained a metaphor and people could have been comfortable.

Yes, Klobuchar showed her hardiness and grit, but the exercise wasn’t necessary. One funny aside, when a person is elected President we witness how their hair gray’s while in office, here we saw it happen for Klobuchar before our eyes and the snow stuck in her hair.