National Report

The Iowa Caucuses are scheduled for February 3, 2020, and with less than 100 days to go much is underway. If anyone wants to take a trip to Iowa and watch any of the political event first hand they should contact the Amy for America campaign the opportunity to ride in a bus across our southern border is readily available. On Friday, Iowa Democratic Party’s signature event Liberty and Justice is taking place in Des Moines.

Now, that the field is set for the next debate on November 20th in Georgia, and as of now nine candidates have qualified to be on the stage and US Sen Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) has made the cut we will see how her approach changes.

Will she become the more firebrand prosecutor sparring with the professor in Elizabeth Warren? Or will she remain Minnesota Nice? As we have mention time after time, she has the ability to shine brighter than she has to date, with only 30 seconds to deliver a punch it will be important for the blow to land solidly. Welcoming he fellow colleagues into her cabinet is a potential approach that will differentiate herself. Separating herself from Bernie Sanders is another worth strategy and finally, discussing the illegal actions of Donald J Trump is the most wizened tactic. We also think attacking the premise of there can only be a one-woman candidate is balderdash.

If Klobuchar were to become a spitfire and a firebrand, showing some passion she can build her base of support, but she also needs to understand her numbers will need to come out the hide of someone else’s. She needs to show she is something special other than just another woman US Senator.