Minnesota Report

Attention Commissioner Nora Slawik, if you want to fix the problem of smoking on the Light Rail Train, start with a simple solution, try a community service announcement. If you have the system at the platforms and on the train regularly announce the fact and says to people present every five minutes, “There are cameras being used to gather evidence against any illegal activity that violates the Minnesota Clean Indoor Air Act or causes harm, via second-hand smoke to other riders, and if you violate this public standard you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law” puts potential perpetrator on notice.

Just this week after having read the story about this issue at 9:00 p.m. leaving the Capitol we witness a smoking violation and this was not the first time. If the Metropolitan Council would like to abate this problem as quickly as possible, they put law enforcement in plain clothes on the trains after 7:00 pm at night after two weeks of the announcements and then any violator who is deaf to the message gets what’s coming to them, because they have received “just and timely notice.”

Hey Judd Schetnan, are you listening?