Frey Wins with Plurality

As expected the race in Minneapolis produced a plurality victor with Council Member (Ward 3) Jacob Frey (DFL) eventually receiving 44.69%. He was followed by Rep. Raymond Dehn (DFL-59A, Minneapolis) eventually had 33.46%. Incumbent Mayor Betsy Hodges (DFL) was dropped after the 4th ballot. When the total votes were cast and counted 22,835 votes were labeled as Exhausted and 21.85% of the voters on this ballot could have stayed home because their votes did not matter int he final outcome.

Here are the breakdowns.

5th Round (Hodges defeated)

Jacob Frey                           46,716   44.69%

Raymond Dehn                 34,971    33.46%

4th Round (Hoch defeated)

Jacob Frey                           39,368   37.66%

Raymond Dehn                 27,358    26.17%

Betsy Hodges                     26,875   25.71%

3rd Round (Levy-Pounds Defeated)

Jacob Frey                           29,480   28.20%

Raymond Dehn                 24,028   22.99%

Betsy Hodges                     23,511   22.49%

Tom Hoch                            22,754   21.77%

2nd Round (Al Flowers, Aswar Rahman, Captain Jack Sparrow, Charlie Gers, Christopher Robin Zimmerman, David John Wilson, David Rosenfield, Gregg A. Iverson, Ian Simpson, LA Nik, Ronald Lischeid, Theron Preston Washington, Troy Benjegerdes, UWI)

Jacob Frey                           26,750   25.69%

Raymond Dehn                 18,574   17.77%

Betsy Hodges                     19,467   18.62%

Tom Hoch                            20,912   20.01%

Nekima Levy-Pounds      16,189   15.49%

1st Round

Jacob Frey                           26,116   24.89%

Raymond Dehn                 18,101   17.32%

Betsy Hodges                     18,915   18.10%

Tom Hoch                            20,125   19.25%

Nekima Levy-Pounds        15,716   15.04%

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