Impact of a Political Letter

Many attribute the election of College Professor Paul Wellstone (D) to the US Senate was the “Jewish Letter” sent out by the US Senator Rudy Boschwitz’s (R-MN) reelection campaign in 1990. The question is will the “Gun Letter” be a determinative factor in the election of the mayor of St Paul?

Since its release, both former City Council Member (Ward Three) Pat Harris (DFL) and the initiator Dave Titus, President of the St Paul Police Federation have apologized for any revictimization of the target former City Council Member (Ward One) Melvin Carter III (DFL).

The charging of the atmosphere may not have been the intent of the letter, but the direct result is that fact. The theft of two handguns from the home of Carter from a locked box and their serial numbers are the focus of the letter. We understand the paperwork for the guns was contained in the same box from which a few items have been recovered including one of Carter’s daughter’s baby teeth. Looks like the cat’s out of the bag on the tooth fairy.

It shows other things of value were contained in the box.

Anyone who has experienced property theft from their home knows the feeling of being violated and helpless. The backlash from the letter is occurring and impressions of the letter with others is forming. It’s literally a double-edged sword and depending on one’s perspective.

We are waiting to see what other activities will occur, if any, with this issue and twelve days left in the campaign.

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