The Final Passage of Rick Stafford

We learned of the passage of Rick Stafford as many of us now do, on Facebook. The man who was small in stature had a significant impact on party politics both here in Minnesota DFL and at the DNC. He was the first openly gay DFL Party Chair, DNC National Committeeman, and was the chair of the DNC LGBT Caucus.

Stafford was not a single-issue voter, he supported a range of issues, with the primary focus on what was best for the DFL Party. His enduring nature was fighting the hard fight, but still, maintaining a relationship with his opponent, and then going to have a cigarette. Many people will be sad when they delete his number from their cell phone.

He has been instrumental in drafting the National Delegate Selection Plan for our state for the last 30 plus years and was an expert on parliamentary procedure and DFL Party Rules. To quote Stafford “Those who write the rules, Rule.”

A memorial is scheduled for Saturday at the Sabathani Community Center at 1 pm, 310 E 38th St, Minneapolis with a reception to follow in the gym.

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