Minneapolis DFL City Convention

4:53 PM

We are on-hand for the Minneapolis DFL City Convention it has been a long day. It is 4:53 pm and the first candidate for Mayor Rep. Ray Dehn (DFL59B, Minneapolis) is speaking. There was a Rules fight earlier in the day that resulted in a process that will nearly assure No Endorsement.

There is a Drop Rule applied on the 3rd ballot of 10%, this is not a method that enables a candidate to achieve the required 60% endorsement because it means there will still be four candidates on the 4th Ballot.

The seven nominated candidates were: Dehn, Ward 1 Council Member Jacob Frey (DFL), Mayor Betsy Hodges (DFL), Tom Hoch (DFL), Al Flowers (DFL), Aswar Rahman (DFL) and Captain Jack Sparrow. We expect the order of the first ballot will be Frey, Dehn. Hodges, and Hoch followed by the rest.

6:50 PM

We are finally, heading into the 1st ballot, with 1260 delegates voting. Our speculative numbers show Frey leading with 450 votes for 35.7%, followed by Dehn with 350 votes for 27.7%, Hodges with 250 votes for 19.8%, and Hoch with 126 for 10%. These are ballpark figures.

They are allowing the media to observe and we will be in the teller room.

Here are pictures from inside the teller room.

The candidates were asked if they would abide by the endorsement, with a caveat it meant if someone else was endorsed.

Frey abide, Dehn abide, Hodges abide, Hoch abide, Flowers no sure, Rahman abide, and Sparrow no.

Actual first ballot results.

1326 votes cast. Dehn 401 votes 32.44%, Frey 344 votes 27.83%, Hodges 299 votes 24.19%, Hoch 131 votes 10.60%, Flowers 15 votes 1.21%, Rahman 24 votes 1.94%, and Sparrow 4 votes .32% No Endorsement 18 votes 1.46% and Spoiled 17.  FlowersRahman and Sparrow drop. 

8:50 PM

It looks like the Hodges, and Hoch campaigns are preparing to release their delegates and walk out of the convention.

9:57 PM

After a lengthy debate the delegates voted to adjourn.


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