Minneapolis DFL City Convention Set-up for Epic Failure

We were on-hand for the Minneapolis DFL City Rules Committee meeting yesterday held in a packed conference room at the Minneapolis Central Labor Union Council. This was the second meeting after the first resulted in an impasse. Sunday’s meeting produced a set of Rules for the mayoral contest angled for No Endorsement. The position was advanced by the Tom Hoch campaign lead by Kieran McCarney, Campaign Manager. The Hoch campaign had succeeded in over-stocking the Rules Committee with delegate strength which far exceeds its floor strength. The reason being the Rules Committee spots which remained unfilled from the 13 Ward Conventions were filled at the Executive Committee by anyone who showed interest.

The result of the 2 ½ hour meeting was a set of Rules, destined to fail on the floor, mainly because the Hoch Campaign failed to listen to the voices of the other three contending campaigns for State Representative Ray Dehn (DFL-59B, Minneapolis), Ward 3 City Council Member Jacob Frey (DFL), and Incumbent Mayor Betsy Hodges (DFL). The other candidates in the field are Al FlowersJeffrey Sterling Olson, Aswar Rahman, and Captain Jack Sparrow.

This proposed set of Rules, will clearly fail on the floor, and the Rules Committee passed a Minority Report calling for the application of the DFL Party’s Model Rules, which are: 10 minute speeches, with a drop of the lowest candidate on the ballot, seeing no endorsement of 60% proceeding to another ballot. This is to continue until a candidate receives 60% majority, with No Endorsement an option on every ballot.There was an attempt to strike a compromise, but that too failed to pass because it like the Hoch proposal provides no path to an endorsement.  What did pass 5-minute speeches, no Q & A, a 5% minimum threshold on the 2nd ballot, and no further balloting after the 3rd ballot. This passed on an 11-9 vote, with Hoch carrying the day.

There was a discussion of the use of Ranked Choice Voting (RCV), and Jeff Strand proposed the idea over the phone, but both the Dehn and Hodges campaigns expressed their opposition to the idea, being included in the Minority Report. We have already had conversations about an amendment to the Minority Report being included with a couple of reconsiderations of the vote on this question since it only requires three people to support a Minority Report.

Even if RCV is not included in the initial documents being made available to the delegates, we understand it will be coming from the floor as an amendment with broad support. The stage is set for Minneapolis to follow St Paul’s historic move to replace the Majority Report with the Minority Report after a protracted floor fight. In St Paul, it took 2 hours.

As we did for the St Paul DFL City Convention, we will be writing a Convention Countdown starting later this week and providing Delegates information about information being discussed by the campaigns, suggestions for items to look for during the convention and important influential activities relevant to the Convention. Stay tuned.

We also will accept information from people if they want to communicate through C&B to the delegates. Email: mn.editor@checksandbalances.com

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