St Paul DFL City Convention Countdown: Day One

Sorry, we missed Countdown Day Two, but honestly, there wasn’t much new information that came our way to share. Today, as we view the field of candidates, follow the discussion about the pending Rules fight, prepare ourselves for the role we intend to play, and survey the landscape, we gleaned a significant piece of information. The Melvin Carter III campaign is prepared for a No Endorsement convention. This is not to say they are working toward it, but will be resolved if that is the results. This is surprising because they seem to be the only campaign poised to capture the endorsement.

This resolution puts a different twist on the conventions start because it means Carter can be who he is, have fun, show everyone the due level of respect and contest openly and honestly. This is compared to the Dai Thao and Pat Harris campaigns who by their collusion are showing just the opposite.

Our position remains, we doubt there will be an endorsement, no matter what Rules are in place, which is why we support the change in the Rules and use of Instant Run-off Voting (IRV) as the Drop Rule. Using IRV will expedite the process and enable to contest to start with two candidates in the fastest manner possible while keeping alive the option for every delegate to vote No Endorsement at any time. The importance of the No Endorsement vote by delegates, whose candidate removed from the ballot means the number of delegates available remains fixed at the highest number established on the first ballot. While each ballot is its own quorum test the higher the number is to the available total of 550 creates a solid test for a 60% majority, required for the endorsement.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Delegates should always know where their alternates are at. When a Delegate leaves the Convention Floor they are supposed to relinquish their badge and their Alternate is available to be upgraded. Even when going out to use the facilities is a point of time where an Alternate could be allowed on the floor.
  2. DFL conventional are often held in school cafeterias. This enables the Delegates to sit across the table from each other kibitz and spread all the literature and materials out in front of them. It is not a bad idea to bring a book along to the Convention because there will definitely be breaks in the action and people will have available leisure time.
  3. Delegates can move around on the floor and talk to each other. Only during a vote are people required to be in a specific place.

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