St Paul DFL City Convention Countdown: Day Three

As we get past the hump of the day we are looking forward to a City Convention poised to accomplish a herculean task. If the Minority Report to the Rules Committee passes, it will the first time in the history of the DFL Party where this has happened. Sure, there have been Minority Reports accepted and folded into the Majority, which has passed previously but never has a whole scale replacement set passed on its own.

If it is to do so we say Bully for it proponents, of which, we consider Checks & Balances to be in the mix. We have heard little chatter about the issue on the message boards or in different conversations, but often, little talk leads us to believe more acceptance than opposition exists.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Watch for something new to occur. There will be a person who emerges as a recognizable leader or an issue of worthy value that will magically appear. Granted, you might not recognize that this happened until later, but most assuredly something will.
  2. Take time to talk to your fellow delegates about their knowledge and experience. If you ask many will be very forthcoming and there might be a significant amount of information to be shared.
  3. If you are unsure about something find a person with whom you agree with philosophically and ask them their take on an issue, and you might find an ally and someone to follow. Understand they may see the same characteristics in you and may defer to you on other issues, especially if you show you’re passionate about it.

Moveable Chess Pieces

If the Convention starts with a feeling of two different camps ready to square off, and the first-floor fights show clearly defined sides of opposition it will be a long day. If every item is followed by a point of order, and questions of the chair it will seem never-ending and be a truly painful exercise. But if the first few matters are challenged and resolved and the Convention begins to flow and items start to fall off the agenda quickly it can be a fun event.

We will be most interested in the proceedings once there are only two in competition for the mayor and who the remaining candidate is besides Melvin Carter III. If it is Dai Thao we doubt there will be an endorsement because of the clear identity politics present in the room. If it were to be Pat Harris then the question becomes whether or not Thao releases his delegates or just has them vote No Endorsement. We are fairly well assured if Harris is dropped his supporters will vote No Endorsement on each subsequent ballot, but we will need to be at the Convention to make the same determination about the Thao supporters.

Tom Goldstein might be in the perfect position to play powerbroker because the votes on the Minority Report may be so close that his 4% of the delegates or 25 people could play a sizeable role in the outcome.

If anyone has specific insight please let us know. Se are also interested in people’s thoughts on the proposed Minority Report.

For the record, we will be publishing live from the Convention floor throughout the day.

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