Enbridge Pipeline Issue, Simple, More Safety, Less Profit Margin

We attended last night’s public hearing on the proposed pipeline to replace line number three. Now it is clear this project could do a number of positive things, increase the jobs in a great number of communities, where those jobs would be a significant boost to the local economies, and if done right could improve the emergency response services in the area. Now, you may ask why we focused on the emergency services, its simple because the pipeline to be installed is expected to fail on the average on once every four years.

Is the risk worth it, not really? Because we always have felt increasing the potential environmental problems is never worth the risk. We ascribe to more of a belt and suspenders approach. Since rail cars are now required to be double walled we wonder is this pipeline double or even triple walled? Can’t many of the potential problems be offset by increased prevention efforts?

If the Draft Environmental Impact Statement calculates for a downstream effect of a spill to only 10 miles then make it 100. If a break in the pipe causes a high-pressure geyser to go off, then have a staged set off automatic shut offs staged at regular intervals, like every ten miles.

If leaving the old pipe in the ground means it must be cleaned up and maintained, then remove it all together. Have the old pipe in the ground is environment al waste, Clean It Up.

We can understand why people are distrusting of Enbridge, because of the spill at Kalamazoo, MI in 2010. The company has not shown itself to be a good corporate citizen. The steps the company is willing to go to protect its own interests, like not releasing the chemical profile of the additives used to liquify the tar sands oil sludge so that it is able to move through the pipe is a clear example. Who cares if it is a trade secret when the pipe breaks, and it will the responders need to be able to quickly avert the long-term adverse effects if they can at all.

We are hard pressed to understand why the higher value is to pump the nastiest, most corrosive, and least productive type of oil product across our state. We are nothing more than a pass-through place that assumes all the risk and reaps little by way of reward.

When we watched the proceedings last night it was hard to figure out if the evening was structured to be actually informative or if it was just window dressing for a dog and pony show.

If the Trump Administration is going to force feed our nation, nasty black goo, in a pursuit of purely profit motives, we already start from a poor place.

So, the answer is Enbridge what are you willing to do better tomorrow than you have proven to do so far?

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