Thao Affair May Be Poised for Resolution

St Paul City Council member Dai Thao’s (DFL-Ward 1) hit a deep trench Saturday of the second Ward Conventions when questions were raised by KMSP reporter Tom Lyden about where-or-not Thao is a transactional elected official, meaning it’s pay-to-play, and whether his campaign had solicited contributions illegally. His campaign manager Angela Marlowe was informed by Lyden of a press release from the Thao campaign which fired her from her position.

Since she was virtually thrown under the bus by Thao, Marlowe felt no loyalty and was quick to speak with authorities about her involvement where they requested her technology used for communication with others. She relinquished her cell phone and pad for their scrutiny. We understand earlier this week her devices were returned and impressions were conveyed there would be no further inquiries into this matter.

We are unclear as to when the final report will be offered, but will not be surprised because of the specter which hangs over Thao coming into the DFL City Convention, it may occur next week. If as it seems, Thao is cleared of wrongdoing, his campaign will have a clear conscience, but the question over who did the damage is still in question.

We have heard lobbyist Sarah Clarke shared the original text messages she received with others and record of the conversations exist on other person’s devices. As we have said before most people are either fairly or unfairly pointing fingers at former Council Member Melvin Carter III’s (DFL-Ward 1) campaign.

Now, this can just be an outgrowth of Ward 1 politics, or it might be an aspect of citywide/mayoral politics. We know for sure a portion of this issue will likely play out next weekend.

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