Counting All of the DFL Convention Delegates

The activities in St Paul over the weekend focused on the delegate selection in Wards 1,2 and 5. This weekend the remaining Wards 3, 4, 6, and 7 will fill out their respective elected delegations to the St Paul City Convention, with the grand total being 500 in number. There is another block of delegates to consider called Auto-Delegates and these are elected officials who have received the DFL endorsement, live in and represent a portion of the St Paul city limits, or are party officers.

The list of 50 includes Governor Mark Dayton (DFL-MN) a resident of Summit Avenue, but we doubt he is likely to attend, but Mayoral Candidate Melvin Carter (DFL), a former Council Member, is an advisor to the Administration, and we know Dayton values loyalty. State Rep. Dave Pinto (DFL-64B, St Paul) has already said he will not be attending due to a scheduling conflict.

The counts of the elected DFL delegates show Carter with a slightly better two-to-one lead, but only 14.20% of the available elected delegates have declared for him. When we combine the Auto-delegates to the elected his numbers improve to 15.82%. As do the numbers for former Ward 3 City Council Member Pat Harris (DFL), who climbs up two points to 9,27%.  Current City Council Member Dai Thao (DFL) shifts a bit downward, and Uncommitted/Other hovers at 12.73%.

Our list included announced endorsements and direct conversations with the individual persons in question.

There is one important factor to point out. Elected Officials tend to not want to be boxed in, and will either not be clearly forthcoming, or will not bother to attend. The Uncommitted/Other in the Auto-Delegates may also remain uncounted.

Candidate Elected Delegates


% of the 500 Elected Delegates Auto-Delegates (50) % Overall
Carter 156 31.20% 17 31.45%
Thao 107 21.40% 5 20.36%
Harris 93 18.60% 13 19.45%
Goldstein 14 3.20% 0 2.73%
130 25.60% 15 26.00%

*Note* These numbers will change significantly over the course of the weekend, and we will be updating this story each time we receive confirmation of a person’s position. We will have people at each of the Ward conventions gathering our intel.

We suggest you return often to see the specific changes.

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